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In my opinion, this interview by the eminent microbiologist, Thai-German Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, is one of the most important contributions to assist our understanding of the Coronavirus epidemic. It explains in layman’s terms how viruses spread and allays many of the irrational fears that have been promoted by our irresponsible news media. It also reveals the fallacies and follies of the current blunderbuss approach and brings much needed balance and reason to the whole subject. More than an hour long but worth making time to listen to. I’ve tried my best to transcribe the interview below. A link to the book ‘Corona – false Alarm?‘ which Dr. Bhakdi co-authored with his wife, Dr Karina Reiss, is given at the end of the transcription.


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(Any errors in transcription are mine)
Professor Bhakdi interview on Trigger-nometry (Thai-German microbiologist)

[Interviewer: Why is Lockdown not the answer?]

Something very very fishy going on. Originally Covid 19 was defined as the severe illness caused by SARS Covid 2. so complicated no person could understand what was going on. And that was the beginning of the end because then the PCR test came out and became the gold standard for diagnosing Covid 19. Now, Anyone who studied infectious diseases knows that a PCR test cannot be used to diagnose anything. A PCR test is a lab test that may be used to support a diagnosis. So if you think someone is ill, has fever, is coughing, and is short of breath, then it’s quite legitimate to do a PCR test to try to find the gene of that virus that you’re looking for and if you find it – or parts of the gene – a PCR only looks at parts of the virus genome – a very small part – then it’s OK, then you say alright this is what confirms the clinical diagnosis. But a real doctor doesn’t go around testing people with a test that has never been put on the market for use to diagnose a disease – it’s only there to see whether you have parts of this virus genome sitting around in your throat or your nose. And then the terrible thing was that, whenever this PCR test was positive that person or patient was labelled Covid 19 case. But Covid 19 is the term used for the disease. And that’s where everything really starts getting crazy. Because – Second thing – this virus was termed a new virus and Covid 19 was termed a new disease. But in fact neither the virus is really new nor is the disease really new because the coronaviruses has been with us, with man since the beginning of mankind – these are viruses that co-exist with us and so every year and every few months a virus will change a little bit because they mutate all the time they have to mutate otherwise they can’t keep on going back and forth between you and me and animals or whatever you want, so it’s a it’s a completely normal thing that these viruses which are the most successful in the world together with the flu viruses by the way, because they manage to keep the host alive, they don’t kill the host, they don’t want to kill us – they want to come and visit me and then they want to go and visit the next guy. In order to be able to do this they change very little all the time, so that when they come back next year they come and visit me again, otherwise my immune system would not allow their entry at all. You see this is something that people don’t really understand.
So when we started ringing up to see what’s going on, we realised that no-one knew about this. So we tried to tell these people – a positive PCR does not mean that you are infected – it could mean that a) you were infected and now there are just pieces of the genome lying in your throat and you take a swab and take it out and then the PCR machine multiplied that genome – so the number of cycles will tell you how many times this genome has been multiplied – it’s like an alcohol breath test – you drink 1ml of vodka, you’re not drunk but if you take 100 you are drunk, so you get caught on the police controls and you do this breath test and you’ve only drunk 1 millilitre, so the police say OK keep on going, we see that you did drink a bit but you drank so little that you didn’t reach the red mark.

[Interviewer says something inauadible]

So the PCR machine actually tells you the number of cycles, the cycles threshold that it went through until the test was deemed positive. But the cycles threshold has never been standardised. So in fact, when the PCR machine says you’re positive it might have just measured 1 mill of the vodka 0.05 – but you’re still tested positive, now while the police say, OK keep on driving, your politicians are saying go into quarantine.

[Interviewer - 'What do you mean when you say there's something fishy going on?]

It means that the way of first of all, diagnosing this disease, Covid 19 is at variance with everything that anyone learns in infectious diseases – you’re using a lab test to make a very serious diagnosis. This PCR test will light up if you have 0.05 mill in your blood of alcohol – same thing – and yet you are deemed to be a Covid 19 case. It means that you have a serious disease and you enter the record as a Covid 19 case.

[Interviewer: 'To put it in very simple language - what you're really saying is that the PCR is likely to massively exaggerate actually suffering symptoms of Covid 19]

Oh yes, horribly. So much that it’s criminal to say that these are Covid 19 cases – because everyone in the world believes Oh my G– now we have – we’ve had 250,000 Covid 19 cases in Germany. But in fact, you probably have, I expect – estimate probably 10,000 Covid 19 deaths – but of these 10,000 deaths – 90% were deaths due to other causes like heart attack or stroke or whatever – it’s just that they happen to test positive for this d— virus. And the PCR test that lights up the moment bits and pieces of this virus or another virus that is related to this virus has gotten into your throat.

[Interviewer: 'so Dr Bhakdi, if this is the case, why is we have we're going into lockdown? You can't be the only person that thinks this - I'm sure there's great swathes of people in the medical profession that do.]

Well, to our great relief, the foremost world epidemiologist Professor John Ioannidis of Stanford (John Ioannidis, Professor of medicine, epidemiology and population health at Stanford University) actually published a paper about two weeks ago and this paper is peer reviewed – it’s been seen by three to four experts in the field and the WHO put this paper on it’s bulletin – which means that WHO accepts that this is the correct data – and you go and read that paper because John Ioannidis said what we said months ago, that this virus is no more deadly than the seasonal ‘flu and for people under 70 it is even less deadly than the seasonal ‘flu. If you are under 70 your chances of dying with or because of this virus are less than 0.1 percent – in fact there are about 0.05 percent. This means that 5 out of 10,000 infected people may die because of the virus, 5 out of 10,000 – this is so little that there’s no reason to do anything. Not only the lockdown is nonsense, everything else is nonsense, everything. And this is published. Everyone who’s watching now should stop and think for a moment. Anyone can look at this paper. Anyone can look at the bulletin of WHO and should. And then, they should come back and say, listen, since it is now internationally accepted that this virus that is not the virus that one thought it was -and now since the pandemic has actually come to an end – the epidemic does not exist in Europe, it does not exist in America, -number of cases and fatalities have almost gone down to zero, anyone who says that anything is being done for any scientific reason is lying.

[Interviewer: We have just shutdown - you're telling me that quite possibly.. the whole world has changed because of something that isn't true?]

That’s exactly what I’m trying to tell you.
That’s what we wrote in the book – and in that book, the last sentences of that book, took us a long time to write because we put everything we had in our soul into these words that it is, time has come for humans to stand up and start becoming humans again. This scare this global panic has caused us to lose reason to stop thinking and to follow the pied piper’s call and we are being led to our downfall, this is the downfall of civilisation, yes. And if you do not stand up-take those masks off your face, grasp each other’s hands again, no more social distancing-what absolute pure utter nonsense because of a virus that has been with us since he beginning of mankind. And start seeing; the sound of the human voice that is going to halt this pied piper’s madness.
Then what you do is you go back to your homes, go back to your homes. You have been living in such beautiful country, we have too. If you leave your beautiful homes you can be sure someone else is going to go in there.
So go back to your homes and go back to the old reality. We don’t need any new reality. You know, the standard of our healthcare system is so good compared to countless other places in the world, Africa, Thailand, Asia – you’ve been doing very, very well – of course there are flaws and shortcomings here and there and everywhere, but on the whole we’ve been doing very well on this continent in Europe. Life expectancy has being going up and up and up and now, it’s going to go down because the healthcare system is falling to bits. You and me are not taking care of the people who need the care anymore because what we’re doing is hysterically responding to a spook call.

[Interviewer: who are the people we need to take care of?]

The people who are very seriously ill. The people who need care support, love. You know Dementia one of the major co-morbidities in Ireland I looked at this a few days ago – second then to things like heart attacks, stroke, cancer.

[Interviewer: it's the same in the UK]

Same in the UK. That’s because these people aren’t being taken care of anymore.
You know where are the healthcare workers – they may be in quarantine, right? Because if someone is quarantined, off they go, two weeks, bye, bye. Then they say ‘Oh no! We have no-one to take care of..’ You know and then they die – ‘Oh no!’ because no-one is allowed to visit them? Now this is inhuman. It’s inhuman I tell you.
I can tell you that my mother in law almost died because of this mask. She has cancer, terminal cancer. And she was forced to wear a mask to go shopping. And she broke down in the middle of the supermarket. Because someone with cancer is short of breath, her lung function was not good anymore and is still made to wear this mask. By the way just as the children in Bavaria are being forced to wear these mask which are known to be very very harmful to them. They are being treated worse than animals. Here in Germany I think in Europe too – animal protection law which is rally, really ..- the first part is – no-one may cause suffering without reason – suffering, any way – physical suffering, whatever. Alright. Yet now people are going around making our children suffer and the elderly. With their ailments, they suffer, they suffer horribly but you’re allowed to do- the government passed a rule – they’re going to pass a law – and shorten your life.
I also am not allowed to wear a mask because I am elderly, I’m 74 and I have a sort of borderline blood pressure, you know when I wear a mask, the Co2 behind the mask goes up, my pulse goes up and my blood pressure goes up, so very rightly I will not wear a mask because it shortens my life alright, am I talking so that everyone understands because if you do, ask yourself are you also a borderline case of high blood pressure – millions of British are, millions of Germans are, and when they put on their mask they are shortening their life. O.K?

[Interviewer: You gotta.. what is your position on masks? Do they prevent the spread of this virus which you've described as being similar to the flu in terms of its spreading?]

Of course they do nothing of the sort. Mask wearing in public has never been shown to do anything except bad things. Nothing. Now in the case of Corona the case is clear and – what is the one thought behind all this mask wearing in public – alright in normal public – not talking about nursing homes or hospitals that is a completely different issue – if the next room were the homes of are elderly with illnesses who have to be protected there’s nothing to be said against wearing masks to protect them in the nursing homes in the hospitals whatever and that’s talking about this room which is the public, OK, the thought is that you who are not ill and I who are not ill may be spreading virus without knowing, so I may be spreading if we go into a room to you and then you would get Covid 19 which is the illness, alright. now listen very very carefully. There have been one single publication in the literature, in the world literature that makes it probable that if I have contact with that virus and I’m going to be ill in two or three days that in this short term, before I start coughing, I may in fact give the virus to another person, alright. BUT that publication very clearly showed that this is a very rare event. It occurs rarely. And, more important still, when it occurs whoever gets the virus from me will never ever get COVID 19 never ever get the serious illness – he may have a cough or he may not be ill at all, he just get the virus and have the virus in his body for a few days and that would be Bye Bye virus, alright so it has never been shown at all, that pre-symptomatic people will cause the disease in others and let me be clear

[Interviewer: You'll being very clear...also very scary...]

One last thing – this is where I have to … people have to understand alright the PPR you could swab down this book – pull it out and I told you this machine is not calibrated in any way to say there is enough virus to cause disease, OK, in the first place.
In the second place, what you don’t realise is that the concentration the dose of virus that is sticking in your throat is at least 1000 times higher than the stuff that comes out of your mouth when you start speaking. Even if you have a cough – this has been shown for another Coronavirus – the concentration of the virus that comes out, the dose is at least 1000 times lower than what you have there. This means that if you cough the virus into another person’s nose the dose that he is getting is VERY VERY LOW! Now I don’t know whether you can understand this, people without any basic training or screening in infectious diseases but there is such a thing as the infectious dose that has to be matched until you contract the disease. And there’s another thing, for viruses like Corona the more virus that you breathe in the more seriously ill you get OK – the more vodka you drink, the drunker you get – but that is the reason why, someone who does not have symptoms simply cannot get enough virus out into the air to make you seriously ill (laughs). And if of course, you go to the next room, where the elderly with pre -conditions who are very very vulnerable towards the virus, YES, then something bad could really occur, so don’t do it, No-one who has a cough should go to see someone who is seriously ill because again if it’s dementia, heart attack or if its stroke, whatever you want cancer and even if you don’t have symptoms, you go and visit someone who is seriously ill, you may want to wear a mask, yes. Nothing to say that’s bad. But what we should not do is to have all our children masked have all our our elderly who need fresh air to stay alive, wear masks, alright?

[Interviewer: Dr, what you're saying is very very worrying, because we've just entered the second day of a national lockdown, we've locked down the entire country - Why is it that our experts are saying we need to lockdown, the NHS will collapse unless we lockdown - um, this is a very very serious virus, all the stories that we've been told - why is it that these experts are saying this?]

I don’t know! But not all experts are saying this by the way – I’ve just told you that John Ioannidis, the leading expert in the world is saying something COMPLETELY different and mind you, there is such a thing as the Great Barrington Declaration – I don’t know whether you’ve heard about this

[Interviewers - We have]

OK so Thank G-d a professor from Oxford and one from Stanford, one from Harvard – three – wrote this declaration and you probably know that Michael Levy Nobel prizewinner also supported the declaration, and this declaration has also been signed by, I haven’t looked at the last numbers, but the last time I looked there were 35,000 physicians and scientists who had signed this declaration – I was one of them of course, and this declaration has been signed by a total of at least 700,000 people – 700,000 people- so don’t come telling me that all the experts are saying what you people are doing in Great Britain and not what the Germans are doing here, because certainly the voices, the dissenting voices are now much much larger in number that are trying to put this agenda through. In Germany the major associations of surgeons – they’ve also signed a declaration a German one, saying they do not approve of the lockdown- it’s not in order, so we’re looking at 100’s of thousands of experts and physicians around the world who’re all saying the same thing. And it really is scary that despite this, this agenda’s being driven.

[Interviewer: Dr Bhakti, so what is going on? Why are we - when I turn on my television which is rare nowadays, but if I do, I look at the Prime Minister of this country the leader of this country flanked by the chief medical officer and the chief scientific officer, who are telling us that if we don't lockdown our national healthcare system is going to collapse, 4000 people a day are going to die, medics are going to have to triage patients and decide who lives and who dies, if you don't agree with this you're killing Granny, you're heartless, wear a mask, stay at home, save lives.]

Yes, OK, Wasn’t this what we heard 8 months ago? …[Yeah] … It’s a repeat, right? …[Yes] … So, 8 months ago, everyone believed it and everyone conformed to everything that was being done but and was done and it turned out that the dissenting voice – at that time we were one of the very few who dissented – John Ioniddes too he – we know exactly when everything happened OK and it turned out that John and we were saying the same thing and saying that, all these models cancellations were probably not correct. And it turned out that they were all wrong – they were wrong! everything that your Prime Minister Boris Johnson said and our Merkel said – was wrong! – and now, they’re repeating it again! So why should you believe them; why should anyone believe them? Especially since what they’re saying now is untrue. It’s not true that there’s a second wave it’s not true at all. they are rigging the numbers and they are falsifying the numbers and they are telling lies. This is the simple truth. You see, as you may know, this PCR test becomes more and more unreliable, the fewer cases there really are. So if you go around testing people without reason, without symptoms, as has been done over the last month you are asking for trouble in a big manner, because the number of positive cases will correlate with the number of tests that people —- because there always false positive tests. False positives because this test is not perfect. In fact it is very imperfect. But on the basis of false positives tests alone you can say that at least two percent of those cases are wrong in the first place. So if you do a million tests, then twenty thousand false positive cases are going to be put into the record and these twenty thousand people are going to be sent into quarantine and they did not have the virus! They just have a falsely positive test. So anyone with any inkling of epidemiology – knows – now I’m not a professional epidemiologist, I’m a microbiologist but I learnt this, you see when the level of cases falls to a certain level you must stop testing people without symptoms – you just have to, because if you test them you’re going to get more false positives than true positives – and this is what is happening right now, so what Merkel saying, Oh where – we got 3000, positives yesterday or 4000 positives yesterday. Of course is you will you did so many tests that of course you’re getting these false positives so what you’re telling is lies. Why don’t you tell them that the percentage of positives has never gone significantly above – well it was around 2 -3 % and now, one day it went up to 4% or 5% – however it turns out in retrospect that many labs in Germany may – they were creating artefacts in the lab because they weren’t performing the tests properly. So we had you know, a cluster of 60 cases down in Bavaria region and the people were completely healthy – and they said we don’t believe this we’ll have to be retested and actually you should retest every test that is not clearly positive but that’s not being done either in Germany – they were just going into quarantine – I guess it’s the same with you by the way – You must demand a retest, so these said we want them retested – but it turned out that 50 were negative, they were false positive – the lab admitted that they had used a wrong reagent you know – they were short of reagents, they were short of manpower, anyone to do the testing, it was all wrong.

[interviewer: And Dr Bhakti - I remember, this was in April time, I remember, I woke up one day, and I was lying in my bed and I was thinking, what is - there is only three ways to get out of this situation, really - there is no. 1 we carry on doing what we're doing and eventually somehow the virus will dissipate, but I didn't see that happening - there's option 2, which is just open everything up and we try herd immunity - or there's option 3 which, is, we have a vaccine - but when I was reading your book, the vaccine isn't going to be a panacea, which is what it was, which is what a lot of people have been claiming]

No well, let’s go to option 2 – this business of immunity which is we’re really taking to events described in the book. And anyone who’s read the book and read the chapter on immunity and vaccination, will know much much more than Boris Johnson or Merkel or whatever you want. Because the whole business surrounding immunity and vaccination is funny – very very few people have clear ideas about why we are immune to a virus like the Coronavirus or the flu virus. And we describe in the book that there are two arms of immunity – one is the antibodies which everyone knows about, so the antibodies prevent the attachment of the virus to the cell – the antibodies catch the virus so the virus cannot go to the cell – to my head. But these antibodies fight on a one-to-one – man to man – one virus – a few antibodies, lets say, will stop it but these antibodies are bound-so if the second virus comes it can’t be stopped, obviously a matter of numbers. Alright. And Something that even Boris Johnson should understand -should. [you’re very kind to our Prime Minister, we’re less so!] no, if he cares to listen. You see, the trouble about these people is they know everything already so they don’t have to listen to guys like me. But maybe they should listen to other guys like John Ioannidis. Or – anyway – so the second problem is, so what I’m trying to say is – even if you have antibodies, you were vaccinated – and you get antibodies, they are there, true. You can only be protected if the number of viruses is low. – so this whole business of an immunity, what – health pass – is stupid – because that pass doesn’t tell you how many viruses you can deal with, and whether it will be able to deal with the virus if I cough in your face, alright.

The second very very difficult thing about these antibodies is that, you get immunised then the antibodies come and are there and may protect you from the virus, yes, you’re protected, but as months go by the levels of antibodies just drop, you can’t keep them up. The immune system doesn’t do work unless it’s necessary – because these antibodies have to be produced and we have other things to do than produce antibodies that are not being used, alright? So, after two or three months even though you have this passport that says you’re immune – you’re not! And you don’t want bugs to believe it – they are rather, rather ignorant. And I cannot imagine that Boris Johnson doesn’t understand it. Now, then what happens is, and this is happening all the time, you see, because, we do have antibodies against the old Coronaviruses, this is known. And these antibodies are able to catch the new virus to a certain extent – not as well as the old virus – and that is why you can still get infected with a new virus, that’s why new infections do occur – however, what happens after the new virus now enters the cell – my head is the cell – OK, my head has become a cell – it goes into my head, it multiplies, what happens is that, as the virus is being multiplied in my head, so there’s more viruses come off of my head and go to your head and infect your cells, alright. Waste products of the virus are just fall out at least waste products my cell my head shoves out through my nose and hangs like my glasses, so the waste products are now displayed on my head – upright – it’s the first time I’ve done this OK, So when this happens the second arm of the immune system comes out and these are the ‘killer’ lympocytes – it sounds good doesn’t it! if anyone after having seen this thinks that the killer lymphocytes in their bodies are made to kill bacteria or to kill viruses then they have to go back and have a look at the book and at this video – because the killer lymphocytes – my killer lymphocytes sees the waste products, sees the eye glasses on this head and says ‘Aha’ something fishy is going on in the head, and I recall having seen these glasses before – because the glasses of the old coronavirus look like this – a little bit different – still quite similar and killer lymphocytes have long term memory – they have a memory that goes on for years so if they saw this virus last year and this virus comes round this year or next year – they will still see it you see, and what does a killer lymphocyte do when it sees the product of a virus that it recognises should not have been produced, it tries to kill it. And in fact it will come through to my head and then what happens is the kiss of death – this virus will kiss the cell which it is supposed to kill – which is the old cell – the cell of my respiratory tract that dares to make the virus – and then after the kiss of death has caused my head to die, this killer lymphocyte goes away and it can kiss a second time and a third time you see – so the killer lymphocyte is really very very very powerful – and that’s why in the end one killer lymphocyte can kill many many virus infected cells and the killer lymphocytes if you have these, can kill so many virus infected cells – it doesn’t kill the other cells, it’s only the cells with the waste product of the virus – and then you get up and go to work – if you have work after Boris Johnson has put to – alright – and that’s the end of the story.

[Interviewer: And Dr Bhakti , as well - they're talking about creating this vaccine - But there's never been a vaccine created against the Coronavirus has there?]

I hope not! They were trying to create one against the SARS virus and it failed dismally. It doesn’t work! You know, look, the thing is this, 80 to 90% of the people who really contracted this virus – did not become seriously ill because the infected cells were killed on time – they were infected – but the cells were killed on time and the fire was extinguished the factory was shattered and broken so what we’re seeing is that 80 to 90% of you have sufficient immunity – what you want to call it I don’t care – let’s call it background immunity so that we don’t start quarrelling – this is not herd immunity it’s background immunity due to your lymphocytes had recognised the old coronavirus and stopped it there – now this background immunity, probably is there because lymphocytes in your body are present and recognised these ‘eye glasses’ alright- the question was when we wrote the book – do your killer lymphocytes really recognise the waste products of the new virus? Alright? And we were just absolutely delighted when this publication appeared – a string of publications have now appeared since July that say, Yes, 80 – 90% of people running around here, do have these killer lymphocytes in their blood – well 80% in their blood – and, alright, you know, there are only…the lymphocytes in your blood are only less than 10% of the lymphocytes in your body because over 90% of the other lymphocytes are in your spleen and your lymph nodes and just don’t happen to be there when the blood’s drawn and you want to test them, OK. So that 80% of the individuals already have killer lymphocytes in their blood and recognise these waste products. And you can bet your life that the other 20% happen in the spleen and in the lymph nodes – just have to wait until tomorrow and do a trawl you see.

[Dr Bhakti, why did you say that vaccines don't work for coronaviruses?]

Well, there are two reasons, you know. If you go around putting a vaccine in your body – let’s take a gene-based vaccine that Astra Zeneca is developing and Astra Zeneca have already sold to more than, eh.. 54 million doses of that gene-based vaccine have been reserved by our chancellor with our taxpayers money OK- a vaccine that is bad- dangerous you know, because – you put the vaccine in – then, the gene is injected into your body – the gene of the virus and this gene is supposed to make your cells produce the product against which – produce the hands of the virus – against which antibodies be made. but as these viral hands are being made, waste products are also going to be created, and these waste products again, will be -waste products of the hand – will be be similar to the waste products of the old coronaviruses, OK. So what happens then, is that, you have to be afraid that those people who already have the killer lymphocytes, that recognise this, will go and think that the cell that is making …

[Interviewer: they're going to start destroying healthy cells]

You’re going to start attacking healthy cells. And in fact, I can’t prove that this has happened I just know that so many of those vaccinated got such serious side effects – you know, pain, swelling, fever, headache, joint ache, muscle ache, that the protocol of this Astra Zeneca trial had to be changed – which is not allowed actually – so that the next vaccinees received paracetamol – high dose – to alleviate them of the symptoms and then the trial went on but then – two very serious side effects came, this was transverse myelitis – which is when the spinal chord gets inflamed, no-one knows why, but there are many reasons why one may think that an auto-attack has been started by the lymphocytes on the nerves; now I won’t go into this there are – doesn’t go the straight way, there might be turns around the corner, but it may be. So, this is the one thing that makes the vaccine dangerous. The second thing that makes it dangerous is that, let’s say, we got past the vaccination and now you have the antibodies but you also have re-awoken those killer lymphocytes to this virus. OK. – this is like you have a boxer. A coach in the room, you would have a round and now he coached you again – so you become stronger and more ready to fight. Now, when the new virus comes and it will come the new antibodies that you get reinfected, you will have so many killer lymphocytes ready that they might overdo their job OK and this would be an immune response dependent enhancement of – immune enhancement which of auto-aggression again – you have an overdose of immune response, I don’t know whether – I will shut up!

[Interviewer: No no, you've made it absolutely clear. The question I want to ask you, and it's not a particularly fair one, but - would you take the vaccine?]

Of course NOT! I’m not mad! [laughter] Yeah, look, if you’re under 70, your chances of dying from this vaccine are minuscule – 5 out of 10,000 infected people under 70. Now in order for a vaccine to get licensed – to get approved it has to be shown to be effective – how do you show a vaccine to be effective – you have to show that it saves lives – but if you’re losing 5 out of 10,000 lives – how are you going show that that number is going to be reduced by a vaccine? You can’t! You’ll never reach the critical significance, because if it goes down from five to three it’s not significant, alright, sorry. So forget it. Why should I want to be vaccinated?

[Interviewer: That's a very powerful point Dr Bhakti - We're starting to run out of time. Let me ask you one more question, before we ask our very final question, which is about lockdown. Now you've made yourself very clear you don't think we should be doing lockdown, you don't think we should be doing anything actually, in dealing with this virus because you believe it's no worse than the flu.]

It’s been shown!

[Interviewer: I'm not disputing it, I'm just trying to simplify it for our viewers and listeners. That is your position. In terms of the lockdown, governments all over the world have decided to do that and according to our governments own estimates, as a result of lockdown up to 200,000 people may die from deaths as a result of lockdown, that is, people not being diagnosed with cancer on time, heart disease, depression, suicides, mental health problems - you can go down the list of all the different causes of deaths. And then of course there's economic depression which also kills people]


[Interviewer: suicides, right, So do you feel that the government has made a decision that is essentially, in attempting as they claim to save lives, actually what they're doing is killing way more people than they're saving?]

Of course they are and I can tell you that lawyers around the world, are now going to bring thousands of cases to court and to bring those people to justice – I know that the first cases are being filed next week in Germany. And I know that the British are also going to be taken to court – I hope so , I hope they are going to be punished because what they are doing is criminal, it is simply criminal. This is what not only I am saying but thousands and thousands of people are saying. And it’s not a matter of belief. We know that people have died. We know that people are dying around the world because of these lockdown measures. You know. Millions of people in India have starved to death and are starving to death. And it’s simply inhuman to do what they are doing. It is inhuman.

[Interviewer: And I think that is a very very powerful point to end our interview on. Dr Bhakti thank you so much for coming on, we really do appreciate it. We always end our interviews with the last question which is always the same: which is - What is the one thing we're not talking about that we really should be?]

We should be talking about why, and how has our society allowed these things to happen and how and why? And we must try to get answers so that theses things will never happen again.

[Interviewer: Dr Bhakti thank you very much - and before we let you go - again we appreciate your time very much - your book is called 'Corona: False Alarm?' Where can people buy it and have a read of it....
It's been distributed worldwide. We hope many people read it...It's been written in a way that anyone can understand it.]

‘Corona: False Alarm?
Facts and figures’
by Karina Reiss Ph.D. and Sucharit Bhakdi MD


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