Month: November 2022

Are the culprits mRNA, synthetic lipids, PEG – not spike proteins?

vaccine bottle

In the search for the truth about the cause of so many adverse reactions from the mRNA “vaccines” (so-called), Italian microbiologist Dr. Stefano Scoglio (BSc PhD), may well have identified something that many have overlooked. His postulation that rather than toxicity being caused by the laboratory produced spike protein, the real damage is being done …

Ivor Cummins Short Covid talk at Portugal Pandemic Congress


Ivor Cummins’ summarises the problem of “mass formation” (the theory proposed by Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Ghent University) at the recent Portugal Pandemic Congress. Listen here. Ivor is one of the few who consistently debunked the official Covid 19 narrative based on the data. He blogs on his website ‘The Fat Emperor‘ where …