Coming soon, “Snapshots from Memory”, by Jo Johnson

3D image of book and kindle

An extract from my forthcoming autobiography: SNAPSHOTS FROM MEMORY The Autobiography of a Greenock Academy Schoolboy From Chapter 1, ‘Earliest Memories’ … “Miss Francis was both owner and teacher at ‘Beltrees Private Kindergarten’, situated in a house on The Esplanade … … Miss Francis was a diminutive woman with brown hair, intelligent eyes, a gravelly …

Bible Prophecy Panoramic Chart

Bible Prophecy Panoramic Chart Book Cover

Bible Prophecy Panoramic Chart – Book This book is beautifully illustrated with an original, hand-painted chart alongside the words of Holy Scripture. Illustrated by Scottish artist Jo Johnson and compiled by Jo and his good friend Neville Coomer. Featuring a prophetic timeline of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, graphically illustrated in colour with corresponding …