JOSEPH – The Epic Poetic! -the Bible story of Joseph in verse

Joseph book cover front page

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JOSEPH – The Epic Poetic!
the Bible story of Joseph in verse

Many years ago, at Auchenfoyle Camp (between Greenock and Kilmacolm in the West of Scotalnd),  I illustrated the story of Joseph on a roll of blank wallpaper.

After camp, I stuck it in a cupboard and, apart from occasionally sharing it with friends who wanted to use it in Sunday School, it lay there gathering dust.

Over the years, in my job as an art teacher, I became familiar with the potential of computer graphics and learned how to scan in hand-drawn artwork and enhance it digitally.

Two years ago, the idea of making a chidren’s book from my ‘Joseph’ illustrations occurred to me. I spent many hours writing and re-writing a poetic reinterpretation of the story in verse, to go along with my illustrations.

Finally, two years later, the project has come to fruition!

Some screenshots: from the book:

Joseph book cover front page

Back page blurb
The baker carrying a basket on his head

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JOSEPH The Epic Poetic!