Write an Amazon Review


Reviews give books what they call ‘social proof’ – i.e., the fact that someone else has bought it and has taken a few minutes to say what they thought of it is extremely valuable to the prospective customer who has no knowledge of the author/s and is seeking confirmation of the quality and value of the book’s content.

Here’s how to write an Amazon Review:

1. Sign into Amazon

2. Under Accounts and lists, click on ‘Your Orders’

3. Scroll down on the book’s Amazon page until you see the book (for example, here’s one I bought). Click on the ‘Write a product review’ button:

4. This will take to the following screen where you can rate the product ,write your review and even upload a photo of your copy if you want to do that.

(You could comment on the quality of the printing, the illustrations, the cover, the stated aims of the authors, questions it raises in your mind, whether it helped you better understand the subject or aspects of the subject – or not, whether it whetted your appetite to find out more – or not, how you think it might be helpful to others, who you think it might help – and so on.)

5. When you’re happy with what you’ve written, click the SUBMIT button, and you’re done.

Every review counts!